Why Volunteer?

Volunteerism is one of the most important activities Back Country Horsemen can use in our effort to perpetuate enjoyable common-sense use of pack and saddle stock in the back country. A central point of our mission statement is to assist government agencies in the maintenance and management of public lands.

By using our time and resources, we help ensure that public land remains open to recreational stock use by earning a seat at the table where we can influence the decisions concerning access to public lands by pack. The value of being able to speak with public lands managers from the position of having provided volunteer service cannot be overstated. Trail maintenance, travel time, stock use, equipment hauling, education, and much more is tracked as part of our volunteer efforts.

Back country horsemen are influential in policy discussions that take place to keep trails open for this and future generations.

Volunteer Work Value

Value of TVBCH’s Volunteer Work by Year

Report Year Total $
2023 Report
2022 Report 32,227.88
2021 Report 50,650.55
2020 Report 50,972.53
2019 Report 62,007.73
2018 Report 69,320.25
2017 Report 56,655.33
2016 Report 29,450.27
2015 Report 63,114.58
2014 61,267.53
2013 37,091.99
2012 65,719.65
2011 38,375.30
2010 46,394.65
2009 64,670.60
2008 12,334.35
2007 28,560.22
2006 19,698.93
2005 31,219.07
2004 21,574.02


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