Trails Recommended by TVBCH Members

Disclaimer: The following trail descriptions were submitted by TVBCH members. Use this information at your own risk. As with all horse related activities, trail riding is a sport with a considerable amount of danger and risk. No guarantee is either stated or implied that you will find any of the information listed on the linked pages below to be accurate.  State EMS Dispatch for all of Idaho 1-800-632-8000

Trail Name Elevation Rating Coordinates
Cottonwood Creek -off Arrowrock 3704’ Easy to Moderate 43°39.583’N 115°50.129’W
Willow Creek-off Black’s Creek 3409’ Easy 43°32.151’N 115°48.678’W
Bear Valley 6419’ Easy 44°25.556’N 115°25.697’W
Queens River 5358’ Moderate to Difficult 43°50.506’N 155°10.992’W
Wilson Creek – Owyhees 2788’ Easy 43°20.923’N 116°42.794’W
Celebration Park – Halverson Lakes 2336’ Easy 43°18.085’N 116°31.252’W
Whoop-em-up**Fee to camp/Crooked River Trail 5380’ Moderate 43°57.777’N 115°37.720’W
Grand Jean 5127’ Easy to Difficult 44°09.10.12”N
Jennie Lake 5911’ Easy to Moderate 43°59.433’N 115°27.117’W
Bear River 4997’ Moderate to Difficult 43°56.672’N 115°27.039’W
Bruneau Dunes **Fee area 2470’ Easy 42°53.919’N 115°43’222’W
Snow Shoe Summit Pistol Creek Trail Head 8000’ Moderate 44°38’33.27″N 115°26’48.15″W
Sand Creek TH @ Landmark to Morehead Lookout & Lake 7177’ Moderate 44°37’29.76”N
115° 25’ 50.25” W
Daggar Falls & Boundry Creek 5771’ Moderate 44°31’38.48”N
115° 18’ 02.46” W
Red Mountain TH 6200′ Easy to Moderate 44°13’59.32”N
115° 26’ 32.37” W
Graveyard Point-S of Homedale ID Directions 2522′ Easy 43°37’35.14”N
117° 00’ 39.95” W
WYE Campground TH 4180′ Easy 44°58’01.50”N
116° 22’ 19.74” W
Swan Falls parking area 2317′ Easy 43°15’07.47”N
116° 23’ 08.03” W
Clark Rd/Sommer Camp Rd aka Rats Nest Spring South of Marsing ID 2536′ Easy  43°25’36.40″N


Boise National Forest – Travel & Topo Index

It is sometimes difficult to find a topographical map or determine which Ranger District manages part of the Boise NF. There is a link on the Boise NF website to the USGS Topographic Index that makes it easy. Selecting a map takes you to a Forest Transportation Atlas Map. These aren’t USGS maps, but have some topographic detail, the Ranger District boundaries, and all the Forest Service roads. You can find the Topo Index on the Boise NF website under Maps & Publications.