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The Treasure Valley Back Country Horsemen is a nonprofit organization working toward the preservation of the back country. TVBCH is one of fifteen chapters of the Back Country Horsemen of Idaho. The mission of this organization is to perpetuate our western horse heritage through trail maintenance and low impact education.

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Back Country Horsemen of Idaho’s Program www.bchi.org

1. To work towards the building of a powerful, well informed horse men and women organization, from the local to the national level.

2. To foster and encourage the formation of new clubs in Idaho.

3. To work towards the education of the horse owners, to make them aware of the back country, particularly the fragile areas, and to use all areas in such a manner as to minimize horse impact.

4. To work with the public agencies; local, state and federal, in cooperative work programs, to maintain existing and to build new trails, trailheads and other facilities for horsemen and the general public.

5. To become involved with the public agencies, in their meeting, hearings and planning to protect the horsemen’s interest.

6. To oppose all unjustified restrictions and closures to horse use on public lands.

7. To schedule trail rides, open to members and their guests, at the local chapter level and the state level.


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