Queens River

Trail Name: Queens River

Trail Head Elevation: 5383’

Facilities at TH: Pit toilets, tables, feed bunks and hitching posts, creek close by for horse water.

Distance from South of Nampa 120 miles Approx Drive time: 4 hours (pulling horse trailer)

Road Conditions: Hwy changing to maintained forest service road down to narrow single track road the last few miles in.

This area burned recently so check Forest Service for current trail conditions - expect burned trees on trail for near future.

Camping: informal forest service camp ground.

Trail: Trail is moderate to difficult.  Horses need to be in shape and shod.

Trail conditions: Trail clearing is on-going.  You are in wilderness so no chain saws allowed.  You must follow wilderness rules and regs.

Other: Horses need to be in shape and shod. - In Sawtooth Wilderness Area abide by wilderness guidelines.

Directions: From Boise, take highway 21 past Mores Creek summit to Edna Creek Road.  Turn right.  You are on forest service (FS) road #384 this turns into #328.  Follow this road to the North fork of the Boise River.  Turn left of FS road #327 (north fork of the Boise River). Follow to Deer Park Guard Station. Turn right on Swanholm Creek road, I believe is still FS#327. Follow this until you get to the middle fork of the Boise River, FS# 268.  Turn left.  Follow this road until you see the Queens River Trail Head sign  Turn left.  The road to the trail head is 2 miles long and very narrow  Backing up if you meet someone head on would be interesting.  At the trail head there are bathrooms, tables, horse feed bunks and hitching posts. There is plenty of parking.  Elevation is 5,383', about the same as Atlanta   You are about 5 miles from Atlanta.


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