Boise NF - Travel & Topo Index

It is sometimes difficult to find a Topo map or determine which Ranger District manages part of the Boise NF. There is a Link on the Boise NF website to the USGS Topographic Index that really makes it easy. Selecting a map takes you to a Forest Transportation Atlas Map. These aren't USGS maps but have some topographic detail, the Ranger District boundaries, and all the Forest Service roads. You can find the Topo Index on the Boise NF website under Maps & Publications. We have also included the link below

USGS Topo Maps online

Large printed Topographic maps are available, but they are expensive, and generally you need to buy several for an area of interest.  Idaho USGS Topo maps are available for purchase or free download in .pdf format at the website below.  The maps are about 12MB in size and may take some time to download with a slow link. With Adobe, you can locate an area, zoom in, and use the Adobe Snapshot Tool to copy part of a map.  You can paste the selection into WORD, adjust the size, and print it.  If an area spans two maps, you can copy areas from each map and paste selections side-by-side.  Several websites charge a fee for creating custom Topo maps.  Send an email or call Keith (888-1392) if you need any help with maps. = 2&ctype=areaDetails&carea=0000003362)/.do

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