Graveyard Point

Trailhead Facilities: dirt parking area - muddy when wet

Road Conditions: Paved Hwy 95, paved Graveyard Pt to Sage Road, paved to intersection Sage and Nielsen. Dirt once across canal bridge ~ 1/8 mile.

Terrain: Sage brush hills, intermittent sandy soil and rock strewn outcrops. Two track roads and ATV trails and cow trails.

Graveyard Point & Sage Road Directions: Hwy 95 to Grave Yard Point Road and go West to Sage Road. Turn South or Left on Sage Rd go down big hill past the Sporting Clay place and then cross the canal bridge. The crossing is before the curve on Sage Rd. Go across bridge, there will be a Red sign with white letters that says BLM. find parking down the road a ~ 1/8 mile past the BLM sign.

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