CottonWood Creek

Trail name: Cottonwood Creek  Elevation: 3704’ FS

last updated - 05/09/2008; cleared by TVBCH - ‘06

DIRECTIONS: To get there travel on Hwy. 21 like you are going to Idaho City. After you pass Lucky Peak Dam, you will pass the Hilltop Cafe on the left, then the tree farm on the right, then you will cross the high bridge that crosses Mores Creek. Immediately at the end of the bridge turn right on a paved Forest Road 268 that travels to Arrowrock Dam. The road is paved almost to the dam. After you get to the dam, it is approximately 10 miles to the Cottonwood Creek Rd (FR 377). When you get to the Cottonwood Creek Rd., you will see a brown mailbox on your left with the Cottonwood Forest Service guard station name on it. Follow this (FR 377) to the guard station. From the guard station it is 1.2 miles to the trailhead. At the trailhead you will see an information board and a sign-in station.

Trailhead (TH): 1.2 miles past Ranger Station; good parking just past the Ranger station or 0.5 miles before the TH.

Distance from Meridian ID 30 miles; 1.5 hours

Main road conditions: paved to Arrowrock Dam; 7+ miles narrow, winding road with steep dropoffs; summer camping traffic. 

Off road conditions: narrow F.S road, few turnarounds

CAMPING: Cottonwood C.G. about 2 mi. before TH; primitive, next to creek near TH

Trail: Easy-Moderate; non-motorized only (?); light use

Trail conditions: steep trail in first quarter mile where large trees can block the trail; some brush; large burned areas further in; several water crossings and bridges; gentle trail on sidehills and along creek . Trail climbs to a lookout on the ridge; other roads and trails on the ridge, but this is probably not a loop ride

RIDING SEASON: trail impassable in May or later due to runoff; early date - June 1; late date - Nov. 1 ?

Trail clearing: mid-late June; may need bridge repair


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