Events last updated 10-8-19
State EMS Dispatch number for all of Idaho 1-800-632-8000


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Fun Ride Succor Creek-Devils Gate- Camp Kettle Road Josette Beaumont 208-989-0455

Succor Creek-Rd to Camp Kettle Rd for parking 6.5 miles on Succor Creek Road from Highway Directions

10/19/19 @ 11 am


Swan Falls Clean up* - Alice Millington

*this is a no-horse project

 but if you want to ride afterward-there is a nice gravel parking area designated for horse trailer parking.

Swan Falls --meet at parking area right @ the Dam. Once we have all arrived then we can spread out to get the entire area.

10/26/19  9 am


monthly meeting Alice Millington 208-475-4107 or 208-634-2704

FRA Building

November 7 doors open at 6:30
meeting @ 7:00 pm


monthly meeting/end of year party Alice Millington 208-634-2704

FRA Building

December 5 doors open at 5:30
dinner @ 6:30 pm

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