Crooked River-Whoop-em-up

Trail name: Crooked River/Whoop-em-up Elevation: 5380’ FS Trail #: 158 for Crooked River

Trail Head Facilities: Whoop-em-up camp ground is a horse camping area -see info from FS Site on camping details

Terrain: Timbered moderately steep. Logging roads and trails both intermixed around Whoop-em-up campground. All trail along Crooked River. 

Directions: From Boise Drive Hwy 21 past Idaho City and over Mores Creek Summit ~18 miles from Idaho City to just before Edna Creek turn off.

Driving time from Boise: 2 hrs

Distance from S. Nampa 105 miles

Forest Service Info:

Fees: This is a fee campground. Fee envelopes and a collection box are provided near the entrance. 

Permits Info: 6 sites / $15.00 - overnight.

Closest Towns: Idaho City

Water: Not for Drinking Restroom: Vault

Operated By: This campground is not part of NRRS. Call 1-208-392-6681 for more information.

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